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Single Malt Whisky - CORTOISIE Cuvée Exhalation




Straw color with subtle golden reflections.


Delicate peaty notes supported by primary and malty flavors. Fruity scents; of white fruits and ripe plums.


Powerful and smooth structure. Pleasant smoky notes, accompanied by spicy accents: gray pepper, cloves.

Nice balance with an aromatic and noticeably iodized richness.

Roles of barrels

We use barrels of both types of oak:

American and French.

If the French oak provides the structure and the backbone of the Cortoisie range, it is the American oak which contributes to its aromatic construction.

It brings on the one hand the whisky-lactone which gives tones of fruit and leather and on the other hand the different types of phenols which bring the toasted and fruity aromas that subtly complement notes of cloves and spices. .

Ôdevie Creative Spirits

Ôdevie Creative Spirits

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Interview on the different impacts linked to the use of barrels depending on the grain of the barrel.

Christian VERGIER
Cellar Master at Ôdevie

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