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The name of this resolutely French brand is a noun, a derivative of the adjective Courtois created in the 12th century.


In old French, it refers first to the "nobility" and its art of living, then to

"moral elegance". This elegance in practice is reflected in the measure, the balance

and weighting.


It is therefore on these values, all in subtleties, that we have worked to build our range of Single Malt whiske from France.

It is from 2016 that the history of our Whiske Cortoisie begins ...

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Distilled in France, in Lorraine, Cortoisie stands out with a peat index of 35 PPM *.

The peat used comes from northern Germany (it is forbidden to exploit peat bogs in France).

The malted barley is then distilled in a Charentais-type still.

During the first distillation, we obtain an alcohol at 28-30 °, then during the second passes an alcohol at 69 ° (the heating core). The reduction of the brandy to bring the Cortoisie Whisky to its degree of commercialization (43 °), is done over at least 3 years, so that the whiskey and water molecules assemble and recreate a molecular chain between them.


The aging of the eaux-de-vie takes place in our cellars in Burgundy for whiskies over 5 years old, and in Charente for the youngest. We use 400 liter barrels.

Our fleet of barrels is made up of 80% French oak, of which 1/3 are new barrels. For the rest, 20% new American oak barrels.

EXHALATION , the first Opus of the Cortoisie brand, evokes the emanation of a palette of aromas that are elegantly expressed in an organoleptic symphony.

The Exhalation cuvée is expressed by a fatty and elegant alcohol obtained by aging in French oak barrels, the American oak providing more fruity aromas.

The peat index of 35 PPM * makes it a rarity in the production of peated French whiskies.


Cortoisie , embodies The French Elegance .

* Particles per million



Carte France.png

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